MIUI Weekly Bug Report: All you need to know

As MIUI keeps on evolve and grow, some issues may come and interfere with the smoothness and functionality of the phone in Daily use.

That’s why Mi Testers and Mi Fans are hard-working in finding and reporting those issues, so the developers will provide fixes ASAP.

In this article, we plan to share with all of you Xiaomi users, the most common issues found in the ROM. So, let’s get started with the list.

All Devices:

Find Device closed unexpectedly and the device reboot

  • Fix will be merged to stable version on 06/11
  • The upper layer restart caused by the array overflow.
  • The upper restart will cause the search phone to restart, and the search phone restart will cause this prompt to pop up.
  • The new version code has been modified. This error message will no longer pop up when the search phone restarts.

Many apps can not update

  • Server-side solved this issue on 03/11.
  • The app store was configured incorrectly, and other international regions except India, Indonesia, Russia, and Spain received undesirable app upgrade reminders, resulting in failure to upgrade.
  • The code has been rolled back at 12 noon, the problem is solved.

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Poco X3:

Use Discord APP mobile phone freeze in versions:
Fixed merged to Dev build
Audio server crash problem, repair has been merged into the development version

Redmi 6 Pro:

System lag when daily use in version:
New Lite build is packaging which will fix this issue
Since the release of the internal test on 28/8, the system freeze problem has always existed
The current version stays at the second gray level (50% gray level, 30W threshold, 233641 upgrade number)
Due to the large problem feedback, we are currently playing a streamlined version of 3.0

Redmi Note 7 / Redmi Note 7S:

Camera FC/No response in versions:
Submitted case to Qualcomm

The camera application preemption is abnormal. The preliminary judgment is that the camera application did not exit normally and the camera was not released. Qualcomm has been provided Case 04862043 to assist in analysis.

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