PUBG’s “PUBG Mobile” sequel is under development and will include PC and mobile versions

According to the whistleblower, @PlayerIGN revealed on Twitter that the sequel to PUBG’s PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is under development and will include PC and mobile versions. Based on the existing information, it is still uncertain whether this game is “PUBG Mobile 2” or a derivative version of the game IP.

The name of this project is Project XTRM, and Korean media reported on this in 2020. The source said that PUBG developer Krafton has been preparing a new game project since last year, perhaps named “PUBG Player 2”. The company announced last year that it will absorb and merge PUBG, PUBG LABS and PUBG WORKS projects.

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At the same time, independent studios will also change. Phoenix and Delusion studios will merge into RisingWings. Thanks to the success of the “PUBG Mobile” game, Krafton plans to go public in the second quarter of this year and prepare to go public.

The XTRM project team started recruiting in South Korea in February last year, with positions including Unreal 4 engine developers, art, modeling, and server engineers. Prior to this, South Korean game company Blue Hole and the parent company of PUBG were developing a new game based on the IP of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, code-named cowboy. It has not been determined whether these two code-names are the same game.

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