Mi 11 has been adapted to the high-quality version of “Glory of the King”

Tencent’s new version of “Glory of the King” “Breaking Dawn” was launched last week. The map of the “Breaking Dawn” version adopts Chinese aesthetics design and references garden landscaping to create a new canyon; the game uses generational rendering technology, using PBR2.0 Render with HDR.

According to the official statement, the new version supports Global performance optimization, through pre-calculation baking technology, on the basis of image quality and visual effects upgrade, energy consumption remains unchanged.

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Previously, Qualcomm said that the Snapdragon 8 series and 7 series mobile platforms also carried out targeted optimization at the GPU rendering pipeline level for the special effects in the new version of “breaking dawn”.

Recently, Xiaomi Mi 11 began to push the MIUI stable version update. In the new version of the system, Mi 11 fixes the problem of abnormal judgment after the abnormal restart of the virtual AB partition, which causes OTA startup failure.

Zhang Guoquan, director of the system software department of Xiaomi’s mobile phone, said that the version of Xiaomi 11 mobile phone has been adapted to the “Honor of Kings” updated last week (at the last minute). Welcome, everyone to upgrade and experience.

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