Compared Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.04 and version 1.1

Cyberpunk 2077 was updated on PS4 with a major version 1.1 update yesterday. GameRiot, compared to version 1.04 and version 1.1. The video shows that the clarity of version 1.1 has been greatly improved, but other aspects have not changed much.

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As can be seen from the video, the new version of the character model has also been repaired, vests and earphone decorations have been added, and the details and textures of the items have also been significantly improved.

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In terms of game performance, crashes have been greatly reduced, and subtitle errors have been fixed. The effect of vehicle collision has been revised to be more realistic.

In addition, the game pop-up window has been improved, and the pedestrian density is the same as before, which is much lower than the Xbox version. This is because the PS4 configuration problem is not enough to provide more rendering performance.

Cyberpunk 2077 is adapted for the previous generation PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One series and the latest Xbox Series X/S series also has a dedicated version.

However, the PS5 dedicated version was removed from the shelves due to too many bugs and has not been restored. But currently, PS5 is compatible with games designed for PS4, so the latest 1.1 version can also be played.

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