Apple pushes 14.4 system update for HomePod

One month after the release of version 14.3, Apple today released a 14.4 system update for HomePod. This update brings performance improvements and bug fixes and is used in HomePod mini and devices with U1 chip (Such as iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models) introduced the new U1 ultra-wideband function.

When songs are transferred from ‌HomePod mini‌‌ to ‌iPhone 11‌ or iPhone 12‌ with a U1 chip, this update adds visual, auditory, and tactile effects. When ‌‌iPhone‌‌ is close to‌‌‌HomePod mini‌‌, it will begin to emit a soft tactile rhythm. As the ‌‌‌iPhone‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ of‌, will start to emit a soft tactile rhythm.

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The U1 function of this update is unique to ‌HomePod mini‌. The standard version of ‌HomePod does not have the U1 chip, so this function is not available.

The update details are as follows:

  • Deliver music with visual, auditory and tactile effects from ‌iPhone‌ to ‌HomePod mini‌.
  • ‌IPhone‌ near HomePod mini‌ for personalized listening suggestions.
  • When approaching ‌HomePod mini‌, the media controls can be displayed automatically without opening the ‌iPhone‌.

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