iPhone 12S renders leaked, camera module blackened

With the hot sales of the iPhone 12 series, Apple’s research and development of a new generation of iPhone has also come to an end. Earlier news said that Foxconn’s Shenzhen factory has entered the first stage of the new iPhone proofing.

According to previous news, Apple will name the new generation of mobile phones the “iPhone 12S” series, which will still include four different models. Recently, some users leaked the basic iPhone 12S renderings.

According to the picture, the new generation of iPhone 12S still continues the existing design as a whole, which is reasonable, after all, the iPhone 12 series has just changed to a new ID design.

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However, the camera module on the back adopts a different design. The entire camera module is blackened, and the overall sense of the camera module is significantly reduced. Compared with the current iPhone 12 series, the camera module is deliberately highlighted.

It is worth noting that although the iPhone 12S still maintains the dual-camera solution, it has added a lidar scanner to the camera module, which is a configuration that the Pro series could have before.

It is understood that the lidar scanner can measure the time it takes for the laser to reflect back after touching an object so that you can draw a depth map of the space you are in, and it can also realize 3D recognition of objects and distance perception, which can significantly improve the shooting effect And enhance the ability of AR applications.

In addition to the enhancement of the imaging system, the iPhone 12S will also usher in a new breakthrough in the screen. It was previously revealed that Apple will introduce the LTPO screen provided by Samsung in this generation. This technology can support a higher refresh rate and greatly reduce the screen function. Therefore, iPhone 12S will also support a high refresh rate of 120Hz.

In addition, the bangs that Apple has maintained for many years will also be significantly reduced, and the screen will have a better visual effect. At the same time, it will also be equipped with on-screen fingerprint recognition to provide users with a better unlocking experience with Face ID. The iPhone 12S is expected to be officially unveiled in September this year, so stay tuned.

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