Samsung confirms that it will develop rollable and sliding displays this year

According to the Korean TheElec report, Samsung Display said on Thursday that it will develop new display formats in 2021, such as rollable and slidable screens, to consolidate its leadership.

Choi Kwon-young, senior vice president of Samsung Display, also said in the fourth-quarter conference call of Samsung Electronics that the company will expand its leading position in the foldable market through small and medium displays this year.

Choi said that in the foldable market, there are currently flip and foldable types, and Samsung Display will first adopt new technologies to expand its product portfolio and customers. Samsung Display will use technologies such as variable refresh rate and low power consumption to cope with competitors entering the OLED market. In the context of the rise of remote services caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Samsung will also strengthen the advantages of OLED and apply it to more laptops, tablets and cars.

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In terms of large-size displays, Samsung Display will develop quantum displays (QD) in due course and establish a stable customer portfolio to enable the technology to enter the high-end field. The company will continue to provide customers with liquid crystal displays (LCD) in response to customer requirements.

Samsung Display’s initial goal is to end the production of LCD monitors in 2020, but according to the requirements of Samsung Electronics and other customers, the company is still continuing to produce.

Samsung Display announced its highest quarterly earnings in the fourth quarter. This is due to the high demand for OLEDs in smartphones and the increase in average selling prices of large panels used in TVs and displays. The company’s sales for the quarter were 9.96 trillion won, operating income was 1.75 trillion won, and profit was nearly 8 times that of the same period last year.

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