iPhone SE3 latest news: Equipped with 5.4-inch OLED perforated screen, A13 processor

Apple officially launched the iPhone SE2 generation model last year. The device is equipped with the same A13 processor as the top model of the iPhone 11, and its performance is extremely powerful.

However, the device is not to be seen due to its small screen size, and its market performance Very embarrassing. According to news from the supply chain, Apple will continue to update the iPhone SE series models. The next product is expected to be officially unveiled next year, which will be named “iPhone SE3“.

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According to reports, the iPhone SE3 core will still be equipped with the A13 processor, and the hardware performance is fully sufficient to meet the needs of daily work and entertainment, but the biggest pain point is that it does not support the 5G network connections. As for the appearance, some users recently revealed the rendering of the iPhone SE3.

According to the picture, the iPhone SE3 will adopt a completely new design that is completely different from the past. It cancels the notch that has lasted for many years. It uses a 5.4-inch OLED perforated screen on the front, and the front opening is placed in the center. The unlocking method is changed from Face ID to side fingerprint. Recognition.

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