League of Legends 11.3 version update: Infinite Brawl mode will be online tomorrow

League of Legends has completed the LOL update in the early morning of February 4th and released version 11.3. The main content this time includes: hero adjustments such as EZ, Riven, and Jinx; equipment adjustments; infinite chaos mode will be launched tomorrow; some bugs fixed; Fu Niu Guardian & Valentine’s Day series skin added version.

According to the official, the “League of Legends” team has updated the Infinite Brawl mode based on a new equipment system.

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In addition, the “League of Legends” team has adjusted a lot of equipment, some equipment is too strong, some equipment needs to be strengthened.

According to the hero category, the equipment changes are also divided into five chapters: tank equipment, soft auxiliary equipment, shooter equipment, fighter equipment, and endurance equipment.

In terms of battery life, the “League of Legends” team mainly adjusted the value of the all-around blood-sucking attribute provided by over-powerful equipment such as [Blood-thirsty Tomahawk] and [Strak’s Challenge Gauntlets].

After these adjustments, the League of Legends team will continue to evaluate whether the amount of passive treatment provided by the game system is reasonable.

The ultimate goal of balance is to keep the strength of this equipment within a controllable range, while ensuring that the game style provided by this equipment is playable, that is, to ensure reasonable battery life.

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