Cyberpunk 2077 released PC 1.12 hotfix update, fix a security vulnerability

Cyberpunk 2077 today released a 1.12 hotfix update for the PC side, which solves the vulnerability (including archive files) that may be used to execute remote codes. This update was pushed on Steam, and the update size is only 1.5MB.

Just a few days ago, CDPR discovered a problem with the Mod modification of Cyberpunk 2077. Since Mod users will replace game content with custom files, it is easy to infect viruses through remote code execution vulnerabilities after replacement. CDPR does not recommend using files from unknown sources for game mods.

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The vulnerability is limited to the PC side and involves external DLL files used for custom saving. Specifically, the 1.12 hot update fixes a cache overwrite problem and removes/replaces non-ASLR DLL files.

On January 28, the game released a 1.11 hotfix update for PCs, game consoles, and Google Stadia cloud gaming platform, which solved the problem of calling from the village in the mission “Old Friends on the Barren Street” and dropped calls. Drop equipment for modification.

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