Google will soon release a YouTube for iOS update and began to implement Apple’s new privacy regulations

Google updated the iOS version of the YouTube app on Friday and this is the first update of a series of Google apps since Apple began asking developers to disclose information related to user privacy and data processing.

According to the release notes provided by Google, the latest version of YouTube includes bug fixes and performance improvements. In accordance with Apple’s requirements, the corresponding App Store page of YouTube for iOS lists what data it will use to track users, and clarifies information that may be collected and linked to user identities.

According to Apple’s guidelines, privacy disclosure was added to YouTube’s description in January, but the functionality and content of the application itself have not been affected until today.

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Since Apple began requesting the so-called privacy “nutrition label” in early December, some Google applications have not been updated. These applications include Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, Google Drive and other products.

Apple’s privacy program aims to provide users with greater insights and let them understand how their data is used by developers. According to the rules, application manufacturers must disclose data collected by themselves or by third parties and specify how to use this information.

Similar to the past App Store policy, applications can remain in the store without publishing privacy labels, but the new rules must be implemented when updates are submitted.

Some speculate that Google is circumventing privacy disclosures by delaying the introduction of regular updates. The search giant refuted these claims when it announced in January that it planned to update its iOS app suite within a few weeks, but the timeline was clearly too optimistic.

Earlier this week, the Gmail app began to warn users that the current iOS version is out of date and does not include Google’s latest security features. Google quickly updated the server and removed the warning.

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