Check the new features of the latest FuntouchOS 11 based on Android 11

Funtouch OS is a fork of an Android developed by Vivo. Funtouch OS is different than traditional Android UI in that the Funtouch OS includes some features unavailable in the former, such as- customizable gestures, communication drawer with bottom to top swipe, a security center, lock screen resize, options for a long screenshot, eye protection changing to a warmer color temperature and others. Funtouch OS, in some respects, looks similar to iOS made by Apple.

As you know how quickly Vivo has reached its heights. Recently last year, Vivo has launched the next level of its FuntouchOS called FuntouchOS 11 based on Android 11 which comes with many features such as a new UI design, a Colorful Always-on display, new desktop icons, new enhanced dark mode, new live wallpapers, a New Jovi section, and several customization options. You can check the latest FuntouchOS 11 update features which is mention below.

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FuntouchOS 11 Features:

  • Latest UI design
  • Redesign Icon
  • New Always-On Display
  • Ultra Game Mode
  • New Jovi Home
  • New Album feature
  • AI Editor
  • iManager
  • New S-Capture


Vivo introduced a new user interface design with the new Funtouch OS 11. The new interface based on ‘Original Design’ philosophy is all about simplicity and thoughtful details. It changes several sections, Weather, iManager, Calculator, Clock, and others.


Vivo brings new Jovi sections, the newly updated to feature three sections: Shortcuts, Suggestions and My Services.

Shortcuts: The shortcuts zone provides quick access to space cleanup, calculator, app lock, and more.

Suggestions: The suggestion zone contains smart reminders for daily life, like rest and travel weather, as well as relevant flights, train tickets, movie schedules, and online shopping information.

My Services: You can customize to include events, sport, drink water, digital wellbeing, today’s headline, weather, as well as hot game and movie information, all of this information in one single card.


The new update brings a new icon flat design aesthetic that is simple and powerful- The icons are united by a soft round design, yet enhanced with subtle and customized angular elements to add sharpness. See how nicely unity is blended with individuality.


With Funtouch OS 11 Vivo brings new colorful always on display- Now users can watch an abundance of colors and light effects collide in a dynamic show on your screen. Choose and change the styles and effects, and watch time flow in an artistic manner.


With Funtouch OS 11, Vivo brings a new Ultra Game Mode with new features- Do Not Disturb, Game Picture-in-Picture, and Esport Mode.

Do Not Disturb: When both Background Call and Ultra Game Mode are on, you can answer incoming phone calls during gameplay. The call can run in the background so you don’t need to quit the game. Talking while playing has never been this easy.

Game Picture-in-picture: During gameplay, slide up with three fingers to choose an app from the list and activate it in a small floating window. Social media apps are also easily activated by using the sidebar.

Esports Mode: Block alerts during gameplay to create a more immersive gaming experience. A real-time adaptive frame rate further boosts your game performance to the optimal.


The update brings new features in the album section- There have two new edit options AI Image Matting and HD Restoration.

AI Image Matting: Separate the subject from the background, adjust the portrait size and angle, change the background, and even switch it completely by choosing from a large gallery. New creativity in photography awaits.

HD Restoration: Repair blurry, low-definition, or faded images by improving clarity, optimizing facial details, and enhancing overall color palettes. Just one click and old-time memories can be relived with renewed glamor.


Funtouch OS 11 brings a new AI Video Editor tool for video footage, identify main characters and highlight key moments. Just one click will then apply vlog templates and generate tailored video clips.


Funtouch OS 11 provides a new iManager. It summarizes and presents information quickly and clearly; keeping you in the know regarding your phone’s performance. And it also brings new security features, it can phone’s security status on a regular basis to scan and identify viruses, trojan horses, malicious files, and potentially dangerous applications, paired with solutions to easily get rid of them all.


The new S-capture brings new following options- Screen recording, Long screenshot, Rectangular screenshot, and Funny screenshot. You can also record audio (with the microphone on, system playback sound on, and even on mute) so you can create game commentary videos, tutorial videos, and more.

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