PUBG intends to add bunker building and resurrection feature

As a former chicken-dinner brother, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) had more than 3 million online users at its peak in 2018. However, with the rise of competing products such as “Fortress Night”, as well as its own problems with a large number of game optimizations, the proliferation of plug-ins, abnormal titles, etc., foreigners have been greatly lost, and the popularity of the game has also declined rapidly.

Now PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) seems to want to learn from Fortnite, adding features such as bunker building and resurrection. According to Twitter user @PlayerIGN, a few days ago, sent a questionnaire to fans asking about their views on adding these specific features to the game.

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Another very popular battle royale game “Apex Heroes” also has its own resurrection mechanism. Of course, in addition to adding functions such as bunker building and resurrection, PUBG also has some completely original ideas in the search.

For example, it is possible for the player to issue false team positions to the enemy to puzzle each other. Another idea is a tool/item that allows the player to observe a high-risk enemy death chest from a distance.

Not long ago, PUBG released the latest version 10.3, and the weapon sound selection system is now online. In the future, players can choose between the old and new sound effects according to their preferences.

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