Assassins Creed: Hall of Valor released 1.1.2 update which add river plunder mode

Ubisoft today pushed the 1.1.2 version update for “Assassins Creed: Hall of Valor”, the update is for all platforms such as PC and game consoles. Among them, the PC version update size is 18.04GB, Xbox Series X|S update size is 19.53GB, Xbox One version update size is 15.27GB, PS5 version 11.18GB, PS4 version 10.232GB.

The standard version of this game is currently priced at 247.34 yuan in Ubisoft Mall, and the ultimate version is priced at $74.

The new version adds the River Raids mode. Players will travel to unexplored areas of England to discover numerous plundering opportunities and win rewards. This mode is part of the Yule season content and is free for all players.

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This update of the game also brings new abilities:

  • Rage Trap: This ability allows you to attach a trap device to your arrows, used to spread illusion powder, and any nearby moving objects will trigger the trap.
  • War Cry: This ability can make Eivor let out a creepy scream and gain power, so that nearby enemy will retreat due to fear and suspend the attack.
  • Shoulder attacks: Eivor can use shoulder attacks to knock back enemies or destroy objects.

This update was released at 8:00 tonight Beijing time and is currently only displayed on Ubisoft Russia and the English official website. The detailed update content in Chinese will be released next.

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