Google nearby sharing feature can now share Android apps

According to the latest information, Google’s Nearby Share can now use a new feature to easily share Android applications.

It is reported that Google released nearby sharing for the first time at the end of 2020, and nearby sharing has been widely used as a shortcut to share links and photos with family and friends. Now, nearby sharing will provide Android users with the ability to share the Google Play application, and it can operate without a mobile network or Wi-Fi connection.

Google claimed in December, “Just open Google Play, go to the “Share Apps” menu in “My Apps and Games”, select the apps you want to share, and then let your friends accept the incoming apps OK”. It is precise because of this feature that Google’s nearby sharing has become a good alternative to Apple AirPlay.

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According to 9to5Google, when the staff tested this new feature in nearby sharing, the speed of sending apps to friends was very fast, faster than sharing on the Internet at home. And, when you share an app with others, they can install it without leaving the sharing menu.

No matter whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or the data capacity of your mobile phone is close to the upper limit, you can use nearby sharing and sending apps. In addition, the user can choose who is visible when the feature is enabled.


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