Samsung Galaxy Labs adds new components to adjust phone temperature

According to the Android Police, the Samsung Galaxy Labs application provides two new components, and several other components have been updated to version 2.0, adding new features.

Galaxy Labs is a system optimization toolbox similar to Good Lock developed by Samsung. It includes four components, Battery Guardian (Battery Guardian) automatic optimization, sleeps application; Battery Tracker (Battery Tracker) tracks app power consumption and time; File Guardian (File Guardian) can restore deleted files on the phone; App Booster (App Booster) Improve App performance.

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The two new components provided by Galaxy Labs include Memory Guardian and Thermal Guardian. Memory Guardian (Memory Guardian) allows users to see exactly what is occupying the phone’s memory. In addition to cleaning up memory-consuming applications, you can also use the historical usage chart to view how the various parts of the memory are divided by the system, running programs, and cache processes.

Thermal Guardian can keep the phone at the right temperature by operating the thermal threshold slider. At the same time, you can also click on the indicator point on the thermometer to see why the phone gets hot. File Guardian was abandoned because most Samsung mobile apps now have their own recycle bin feature.

Battery Guardian (Battery Guardian) has carried out an update, users can check the power consumption of the mobile phone within 7 days. The power-saving function limits background activity and CPU usage while the user is sleeping to extend battery life. At the same time, the screen power-saving function must be enabled on a per-application basis, and will automatically adjust the screen brightness when you are not using the phone.


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