Android 12 brings a new theme system, which can be automatically set according to the wallpaper color

Recently, Google has released the first developer preview version of the latest generation of Android system Android 12 to Pixel devices. Now according to reports from Android Authority, Android 12 will bring a brand new, wallpaper-based theme system, which can greatly improve the appearance of the Android system.

It is reported that this new wallpaper theme system of Android 12 currently has the following elements.

  • Developers can already open this new wallpaper theme system in the first developer preview version of Android 12.
  • The new feature allows the Android system to automatically change the overall visual plan according to the main color of the wallpaper.
  • This may not always give the best results, but it is still very touching.

Currently, the developer kdrag0n has opened this new feature in the Android 12 developer preview. From the screenshot below, we can clearly see how the Android 12 wallpaper-based theme system works.

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The Android 12 theme system is nicknamed “Monet”. It is obvious that its main feature is that it can automatically set the theme of the system according to the main color of the wallpaper.

If you set a purple paint wallpaper, it will be dyed purple in the notification panel, settings, and lock screen. If you switch to an orange wallpaper, it will change to a peach-yellow theme layout.

However, it is not yet clear whether this feature will be released to the public. If users want to use this theming system, they may need to wait for the beta version of the public test.

Nevertheless, the development of this theme system allows us to see some of Google’s design ideas in Android 12. With the renewal of the notification system and settings, Google has clearly revealed this intention-in addition to improving basic functions, the Android interface also needs more freshness.

As one of the most popular operating systems in the world, if Android remains unchanged for a long time, people will get bored. There is no doubt that Android 12, a wallpaper-based theme system, can make the system look soaring. But will domestic custom Androids follow up with this system? Let’s wait and see.

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