Redmi K40 Pro/Pro+ officially unveiled: It uses Snapdragon 888, E4 AMOLED 120Hz screen, DisplayMate A+ certification

At the Redmi K40 dual flagship conference, Lu Weibing released Redmi K40 Pro and Redmi K40 Pro+ mobile phones, the world’s first batch of Snapdragon 888 processors for Redmi K40 Pro, as well as a large battery of 4520mAh.

Redmi K40 Pro specially customizes the “Mo Yu” color scheme for hardcore players. After multiple complex processes, micron-level transfer, the fastest knife pattern-Damascus steel knife is reproduced. There are three colors of ink feather, sunny snow, and fantasy.

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The Snapdragon 888 equipped with the Redmi K40 Pro uses Qualcomm’s first new X1 super-large core, which increases peak performance by 30%; the full-blood version of LPDDR5 has further improved sequential read and write speeds; 4520mAh large battery ensures excellent performance and priority for continuous navigation; WiFi 6 enhancement The Internet speed of the version is doubled, and the 1GB movie is loaded in 5.3 seconds.

The official confirmation that the entire Redmi K40 is equipped with an E4 AMOLED screen as standard, has achieved a total of 11 DisplayMate records and obtained “A + certification”, which is close to a textbook-like perfect screen, which is unforgettable. This is a better straight screen.

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