Google YouTube opens Youth Mode

According to the MSPoweruser reported that Google recently announced the launch of the “Youth Mode“, which will provide parents with a new supervised YouTube experience. This new supervised experience will come with content settings and limited features. Parents will be able to choose one of the following content settings for their children.

Exploration: Generally consistent with the content rating of viewers over 9 years old. Videos include vlogs, tutorials, game videos, music videos, news, etc. Except for the premiere, there is no live broadcast. Some videos contain cases of mild violence, offensive language, controlled substances, and educational videos related to body image and changes, mental and sexual health.

Explore more: Generally speaking, it is consistent with the content ratings of viewers over 13 years old. This setting will include more video sets. Videos include live broadcasts, vlogs, tutorials, game videos, music videos, news, educational videos, DIY, art and crafts, dance, etc. Some videos contain real-world violence, limited profanity, controlled substances, non-specific sexual references, and topics related to physical, mental, and sexual health and well-being.

Most of YouTube content: This setting includes almost all content on YouTube, such as live broadcasts. It does not include videos marked as 18+ by channels, systems, and commentators. Videos include vlogs, tutorials, game videos, music videos, news, educational videos, DIY, arts and crafts, dance, etc. Some videos will contain sensitive topics that may be suitable for older teenagers, such as violence, adult content, nudity, explicit profanity, and topics such as mental illness, weight loss, and sexual health.

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In addition to the above content settings, parents can also manage viewing and search history in the child’s account settings. They can also take advantage of other control features provided by Google Home Link, including screen timers. In addition, the following features will not be available to users of the supervised YouTube app.


  • Live streaming video (not available only in the explore content settings).
  • Post


  • Comment
  • Live chat


  • Channel
  • Live
  • Post
  • Public and unlisted playlists
  • Story
  • Short video
  • Video upload


  • Channel membership
  • Creator goods
  • Donate to YouTube
  • Movies and TV shows
  • Super chat and super stickers

YouTube Apps

  • YouTube Go
  • YouTube music
  • YouTube studio
  • YouTube TV
  • YouTube VR


  • Add products on YouTube
  • Online game account
  • Stealth
  • Personalized advertising
  • Restricted mode

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