How to restore the iPhone after the physical port is cancelled in the future?

According to a report, the iPhone 13 without a Lightning port may force a change in the recovery process, and its “Internet Recovery” mode allows iOS to be reinstalled without the need to connect the iPhone to a Mac or PC.

Recovering an unresponsive iPhone usually requires connecting to another device through the Lightning port on the dock. If the rumors about a portless iPhone are true, the lack of a Lightning port or any other standard physical connection may make the device difficult to maintain.

Allegedly, in order to completely reinstall iOS on an unresponsive iPhone without an obvious physical connection, Apple is looking for a way to achieve this. According to Appleosophy, the main way to achieve this goal is tentatively scheduled to be “Internet restoration.” It is said that Apple’s software team is working on three methods to put iPhone into recovery mode.

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The first method involves the user putting the iPhone in manual recovery mode, which triggers Internet recovery. A nearby Mac computer or a personal computer with iTunes installed will receive this information, and they will pop up prompts to guide the user through the rest of the recovery process.

The second method is that the device itself enters this mode automatically and displays the same prompt again. The third obviously involves the use of Bluetooth as a “last resort” for broadcast signals and data transmission.

Apple is considered to be more interested in using the first two recovery methods, which have apparently been tested for some time. However, these processes are currently allegedly too slow for public use, which suggests that more work is needed on this issue.

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