Microsoft tested the desktop version of Xbox cloud gaming

Now companies such as Nvidia, Google, and Microsoft are all working hard on the construction of cloud gaming platforms, and Microsoft is also promoting the xCloud cloud gaming platform by virtue of its Xbox game console.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is currently testing a Windows application called Xbox Game Streaming. This software not only supports the experience of xCloud cloud games on the Windows platform, but also supports streaming the user’s own Xbox Series X/S to a PC, and using the computer to play games.

As per the report, this software is currently under active development and will support the gravity sensor and touch functions of Windows laptops or tablets, so that it can be used without a gamepad.

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The test results of The Verge show that this xCloud cloud gaming software also supports Win10 ARM devices, which means that all Windows users can easily use Microsoft’s cloud gaming services.

xCloud currently supports mobile platforms and is equipped with a dedicated gamepad to play games. In February of this year, Microsoft also tested the use of browsers for cloud gaming, and currently only supports Chromium core browsers. Microsoft plans to conduct a public test of the xCloud browser version this spring.

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