Apple iPhone 12 MagSafe charging back clip will have reverse charging feature

Jon Prosser said on the Genius Bar podcast today that Apple is developing a MagSafe-compatible charging back clip that will be compatible with iPhone 12 models. One version of the charging back clip will have a “reverse” Charge” function.

According to Prosser, Apple is developing two versions of the charging back clip, one is the standard version and the other is the advanced version with reverse charging. Prosser did not elaborate on reverse charging, but it is speculated that this means that the charging back clip can charge the iPhone 12 while also charging the AirPods from the other side.

Prosser is not always accurate in revealing Apple information, so the reliability of this information is not clear, and it should be viewed with a certain degree of skepticism until it is confirmed. Prosser said that his source is “not sure” whether Apple will release both charging back clips at the same time, or only one. Later this week, Prosser plans to release a rendering of the charging back clip based on information from its sources.

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Apple launched the second iOS 14.5 beta in mid-February, the iPhone 12 charging back clip accessory was revealed. According to the MacRumors editor Steve Moser once mentioned that a mysterious “charging back clip” was found in the code. Bloomberg subsequently confirmed that Apple is indeed developing the iPhone 12 MagSafe charging back clip.

Gurman did not mention reverse charging, but some prototype devices were described as having a white rubber appearance. Gurman said that the development of the accessory was hindered by software issues, and Apple was still working hard to fix it before releasing the accessory.

Two-way wireless charging was rumored to be unveiled on the 2019 iPhone 11 model, but because Apple was unable to implement this feature, it was ultimately not implemented. Two-way wireless charging allows one iPhone to charge another iPhone, or to charge small accessories such as AirPods.

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