Call of Duty Mobile first official professional league kicks off

Call of Duty Masters pre-season officially kicked off. 21 professional teams will compete for 12 qualifying spots. Douyu announced the live broadcast area. Water friends can witness the wonderful performance of their favorite team on the Douyu live broadcast platform. Among them, the three teams of OG, QG and FL are also the signing teams of Douyu.

Call of Duty is a 17-year old classic game IP developed by Activision Blizzard. The mobile game version of “Call of Duty” was already a big success when it was released overseas last year, and the number of downloads exceeded 100 million in just one week of launch.

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After the official public beta of “Call of Duty Mobile Games”, Douyu recruited a large number of professional players, passers-by, high-ranking anchors, beautiful players and other different styles of anchors, including technical, funny, teaching, commentary, etc., and AgFox was born. Popular anchors such as Yuan sir, Pippi Shark FPS, Call Husband Don’t Call Lao Guo.

At the same time, the Great God players also brought detailed text and video strategies. Douyu conducted real-time interactions through the fish bar, barrage and water friends, and signed the four professional teams of OG, QG, OGC and LF to bring more players to the players. Professional game content has formed a diversified game community integrating video, text, and live broadcast.

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