In Apple, Epic case judge wants to trial person starting May 03

According to MacRumors’ report on March 1, lawyers from Epic Games and Apple participated in the prosecution agenda discussion meeting of Judge Yvonne Gonzalez today to finalize the details of the upcoming court trial. It has been determined that the case will be heard on May 3.

Judge Gonzalez plans to hold a trial in person instead of using remote video software such as Zoom. So she asked all witnesses to go to Northern California to answer questions before the court and judges. She believes that this case is of great significance and the court should hear it in person, and witnesses in the case may not dare to lie when they are sworn in a substantive court.

For those witnesses who cannot go to the California trial due to health reasons, the court will agree to their request. However, the court will also consider their requests for those who cannot appear in person for other reasons.

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The judge said that both the person involved and the company involved have sufficient funds to ensure that they will be isolated for two weeks after the trial. The court also plans to take some measures to ensure the safety of those participating in court sessions, including limiting the number of people in court.

The location of the witness will be far away from the lawyer in the case, and a long-distance between the two parties will be maintained. At the same time, give enough space so that the witness can speak clearly without wearing a mask.

If the data on the new coronavirus epidemic in the United States in May is too severe, the face-to-face interrogation may be put on hold. But in any case, this case will continue in May, and the judge will open a trial through communication software such as Zoom.

The judge currently plans the trial to take two to three weeks, while Epic Games hopes that the trial will last four to five weeks. The specific length will be determined after the judge has reviewed all the details of the case.

Epic’s accusation against Apple lies in its monopoly, that is, Apple is a “behemoth seeking to control the market, prevent competition, and stifle innovation”. It imposes “anti-competitive restrictions” on App Store developers and adopts “market monopoly behavior.”

Epic Games believes that Apple’s 30% of application fee is “compressive”, as are the rules that require developers to use in-app purchases. Apple has reduced the 30% fee for developers whose income is less than $1 million to 15%, but this does not apply to the large company Epic Games.

Apple will try to prove that its App Store prices are fair and consistent with other competitors in the market, while its App Store policy provides important protection for consumers.

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