[Update: Global, China] OPPO ColorOS 11 system upgrade and schedule for March 2021

March 03, 2021

Recently, the company shared ColorOS 11 for March 2021 in China and now OPPO has released the Global plan which is mention below.

ColorOS 11 Beta

  • Ongoing

    • OPPO Reno2 F(India)
    • OPPO Reno 10x Zoom(India, Indonesia)
    • OPPO F15(India)
    • OPPO A91(Indonesia)
  • March 10

    • OPPO Reno2(India)
  • March 17

    • OPPO Reno2 Z(India)

ColorOS 11 Stable

  • Ongoing(EU, EEA)

    • OPPO Find X2(Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania)
    • OPPO Find X2 Pro(Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Netherlands)
    • OPPO Find X2 Neo(France, Netherlands, Spain)
    • OPPO Find X2 Lite(Netherlands)
    • OPPO Reno4(Poland)
    • OPPO Reno4 Pro(Ukraine)
    • OPPO Reno4 5G(France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal)
    • OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G(France, Switzerland, Moldova)
    • OPPO Reno4 Z 5G(France)
    • OPPO Reno4 Lite(Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova)
    • OPPO Reno3(Turkey, Ukraine, Poland)
    • OPPO Reno3 Pro(Ukraine)
    • OPPO A72(Netherlands)
    • OPPO A52(Italy, Spain)
  • March 31

    • OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G(Romania)

*EU- European Union, EEA- European Economic Area

  • Ongoing(Other regions)

    • OPPO Find X2
    • OPPO Find X2 Pro
    • OPPO Find X2 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition
    • OPPO Find X2 Neo
    • OPPO Find X2 Lite
    • OPPO A93
    • OPPO F17 Pro
    • OPPO Reno4 F
    • OPPO Reno4 5G
    • OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G
    • OPPO Reno4 Pro 4G
    • OPPO Reno4 4G
    • OPPO Reno4 Z 5G
    • OPPO Reno4 Lite
    • OPPO Reno3 Pro 4G
    • OPPO Reno3 4G
    • OPPO Reno3 Pro 5G
    • OPPO A72
    • OPPO A92
    • OPPO A52
    • OPPO F11
    • OPPO F11 Pro
    • OPPO F11 Marvels Avengers Limited Edition
    • OPPO A9
  • March 9

    • OPPO Reno 10x Zoom(India, Indonesia)
  • March 16

    • OPPO Reno2 F(India)
  • March 17

    • OPPO F15(India)

March 01, 2021

The company has now officially announced the schedule of ColorOS 11 for March 2021 in China. OPPO’s plan for China in March 2021 includes a series of devices that will receive the public beta and stable versions of ColorOS 11, respectively. Check the complete list which is mention below.

ColorOS 11 List:

ColorOS 11 Open Beta

March 2

    • OPPO A91

March 10

    • OPPO Reno2
    • OPPO K5

March 17

  • OPPO Reno2 Z
  • OPPO A72 5G

ColorOS 11 Stable


  • OPPO Find X2
  • OPPO Find X2 Pro
  • OPPO Find X2 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition
  • OPPO Ace2
  • OPPO Ace2 EVA Limited Edition
  • OPPO Reno4 5G
  • OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G
  • OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G Artist Limited Edition

March 9

  • OPPO Reno 10X Zoom
  • OPPO Reno Ace
  • OPPO Reno3 Pro 5G
  • OPPO Reno3 Vitality Edition
  • OPPO Reno4 SE 5G
  • OPPO K7


February 28, 2021

The ColorOS 11 system was officially released in September last year, supporting functions such as unlimited rate screen and flash window. Today, OPPO officially announced the ColorOS 11 March upgrade and adaptation plan.

  • March 2, 2021: A91
  • March 10, 2021: Reno2, K5
  • March 17, 2021: Reno2 Z, A72 5G

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The above time is the opening time of the open beta recruitment, not the version push time, and the version push time of different models is different. OPPO said that the upgrade of the public beta version focuses on the early experience of the features.

The version may have stability problems, but it can meet the needs of daily use. Please save your important personal data before upgrading. “If you want to experience a more stable version, please wait for the official version pushed by the OTA.”

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