Apple iOS 14.5 application tracking transparency creates “fair competition”

According to MacRumors reported, Twitter’s chief financial officer Ned Segal said at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference today that Twitter is not worried about Apple’s plan to implement app ad tracking in iOS 14.5.

Segal said that Twitter does not rely heavily on device ID or IDFA, which is also what Apple will restrict through a new prompt, which requires developers to obtain user permission before IDFA is used for ad tracking purposes.

“What we fancy is that Twitter has a unique signal, a growing audience, a better format and more relevance, and the ability to make better use of this signal, many of which are not tied to the device ID. We feel very good about our ability to use this combination.”

Segal went on to explain that he hoped that Apple’s IDFA restrictions would “make the playing field more fair.” Other companies have done a better job of using the data provided to them, but now everyone will face the same challenge, giving Twitter the opportunity to better compete with giants such as Facebook.

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“In our industry, many people in history are much better than Twitter in terms of leveraging all available data, from device IDs to things people do on other websites. When we all have to face the same set of new challenges At this time, a level playing field will have a truly interesting impact on the wider industry.”

Twitter plans to wait instead of immediately asking users whether they want to opt-in to IDFA tracking through a pop-up window. “We are not in a hurry to be busy around IDFA,” Segal said, explaining that application developers only have one chance to request access to the device ID. “You want to ask in a really thoughtful way,” and “take time to learn more before asking such a question,” he said.

Apple’s app tracking transparency changes are built into iOS 14 and have now been implemented, but starting from iOS 14.5, Apple will implement these rules. All application developers need to obtain the user’s consent before using IDFA to track users across websites and applications. If the user refuses, the developer must respect the user’s choice and not participate in other cross-application tracking methods.

Facebook has been fighting against the privacy changes in Apple’s plan and claimed that small businesses will be unfairly affected. However, Apple has not wavered in its plan to implement IDFA prompts. After the launch of iOS 14.5 in the spring, Facebook and other developers will be Forced to use the prompt.

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