Twitter next month launch voice chat feature Spaces for Global users

According to reports, Twitter said today that it plans to launch the voice chat feature “Spaces” for global users in April. Twitter Spaces is a direct competitor to the voice chat room Clubhouse, which is currently the popular invitation-based audio social network, with a reputation under the support of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Rise up.

Last month, Twitter tested Spaces among 1,000 users, initially with women and marginalized groups. Twitter said that Spaces is an important part of expanding its creator platform and will integrate with other services in the future.

The clubhouse is an instant voice chat social software that sprang up during the epidemic last year, using an “invitation to use” model. Driven by some celebrities, including Tesla CEO Musk, the usage rate of Clubhouse has soared. App Annie data shows that from February 1 to 16 this year, the global downloads of this app increased from 3.5 million to 8.1 million.

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But while the real-time voice chat platform is booming, applications such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces have also raised concerns about how they deal with hate speech and false information.

Currently, tools for detecting “problematic” audio content lag behind text recognition tools; transcribing and checking recorded voice chats is a more cumbersome process for humans and machines. In addition, the lack of additional clues, such as video or visual signals with text comments, can also make this problem more challenging.

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