DuckDuckGo calls out Google Search for ‘Spying’ on users

According to Macrumors, the privacy protection search engine DuckDuckGo recently tweeted that “monitoring” users has nothing to do with building a great browser or search engine. And said that Google collects user data, emphasizing that the company “monitors” users.

Google has added privacy labels to many of Google’s iOS applications in accordance with Apple’s App Store rules since the end of February, and Apple’s application privacy label rules were launched in December last year.

Apple announced the privacy label at WWDC in 2020 and officially launched it in December. It requires developers to provide users with detailed information about what data they collect and whether they share this data with third parties. Starting in early December, developers must provide these privacy tags in order to update applications on the Apple App Store.

Google has delayed adding privacy labels for so long that its application has not been updated for more than two months. Even now, the Google Maps application has not been updated for three months, but most other applications have now been updated and added privacy labels. They said that Google’s delay for several months was to conceal how much personal data they collected in the Chrome browser and Google apps.

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DuckDuckGo said that Google postponed the addition of privacy labels in order to conceal the information it collects. Although most users may be well aware of Google’s collection of personal data, a privacy label will be marked on the Apple App Store to remind users.

It is reported that Google recently added a privacy label to its Google search application to clarify the scope of the information collected. For the purpose of third-party advertising, Google collects data including location, search history, and browsing history. The data collected by Google also includes contact information and device identifiers. In addition, more data is collected for analysis, expanding application functions and enhancing product personalization.

It is worth mentioning that the DuckDuckGo privacy protection browser has always been the second most downloaded mobile browser in the United States (after the Chrome browser). This browser can be used on iOS devices and does not collect any user-related data. And can be set as the default search engine.

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