Google launched the Sound Cure advertisement for Pixel smartphones

Google recently launched a “sound healing” theme Pixel smartphone advertisement on YouTube, hoping to attract more consumers to buy through “pleasant hearing”. However, many editors of The Verge, after experiencing it, all expressed that they couldn’t help but complain.

Compared with the 30-second Palm Pre-commercial “Go With The Flow” more than ten years ago, the dubbing and the 4-and-a-half-minute Pixel “ASMR” video are both stressful.

After starting a discussion in the Slack group, Chris Welch and his colleagues gave negative comments on the “ASMR” ad “How to mindfully switch to the New Google Pixel”.

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  • Chris Welch: “This ad makes me stressful” (this is actually very stressful)
  • Chaim Gartenberg: “Friiiiiiiiiiday” (friiiiiiiiiiday)
  • Chaim: “Full of’brand energy'” (powerful friday brand energy)
  • Chaim: “It’s too long to look at, one thousand percent” (also we should 1000 percent tldr this)
  • Sean O’Kane: “You are right, this narration is too oppressive”
  • Mitchell Clark: “What the hell is this?”
  • Sean: “I have everything you want”
  • Chris Welch: “God of forehead”

Non-combatants shouldn’t just click in easily, and watch without silence at their own risk. Finally, attach the Palm Pre advertisement more than ten years ago to wash your ears.

The netizens’ comments on YouTube are obviously more lively than the video advertisement itself. Everyone has expressed “unexplained reason”, “wasting of life”, “incapable of complaining” and “death in situ”.

In contrast, the happiness of sand sculpture netizens is as simple as that:

Google: Post an ad!

User: Directly to the comment area.

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