NVIDIA officially announced that it launched a new subscription package for the GeForce NOW cloud game service

NVIDIA officially announced on March 18 that it has launched a new subscription package for the GeForce NOW cloud game service. It will update the previous Founders Founders Edition subscription to Priority membership at a price of $9.99/ Month or 99.99 USD/year.

The official said that the current number of GeForce NOW users has reached 10 million. The new version of Priority priority members can get the same rights as founder members, including priority privileges for game activities, additional game plot content, and RTX light pursuit and DLSS special effects.

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Officials said that GeForce NOW’s achievements today benefited from the support of players who bought the founder members. Therefore, the official stated that in order to repay old users, users who subscribe to founder members on March 17, 2021, will still enjoy a $4.99/month discount. As long as the account is in good standing, they can renew at this price for a long time, but they cannot be interrupted in the middle.

Nvidia has also disclosed the future plans for GeForce NOW cloud gaming:

  • It will support the same-day updates of games such as “Cyberpunk 2077” so that players can experience new features in time.
  • On the basis of the current 800 games, further, expand the game library.
  • Continue to build servers around the world and expand to more than 20 servers.
  • Expand the scale of existing data centers in order to expand cloud gaming business in the future.
  • Improve service quality and optimize efficiency in the future.

In addition, NVIDIA also said that it will provide adaptive Vsync technology, you can choose 60Hz or 59.94Hz frame rate to meet different display devices and reduce latency. In addition, the new anti-shake technology can increase the bit rate of the video and still ensure the image quality even when the network is unstable.

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