New Black Shark mobile power supply announced

Black Shark will hold a new product launch conference at 15:00 on March 23. At that time, new products such as the new Black Shark gaming phone 4 and Black Shark ring iron earphones will be launched. Just now, Black Shark officially announced a new 20000mAh mobile power supply, which will be released together on the 23rd.

According to reports, the mobile power supply supports three-port output to meet the requirements of fast charging of multiple devices at the same time; it can be two-way fast charging and supports Apple PD 20W fast charging; in addition, it is equipped with an energy light strip, and the battery level is displayed by one button.

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The upcoming Black Shark gaming phone 4 supports 120W high-power charging and is equipped with a 4500mAh high-capacity battery. All series come standard with a 120W charger and 6A charging cable. I wonder if this mobile power supply can be compatible with mobile phones Charging speed.

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