A new bug in Microsoft’s Win10 Edge prevents users from closing the browser

According to the Windows Latest report, the micro- Ruan Edge recently updated the “start acceleration” feature, this new feature allows the browser to start faster rate in the Windows 10 system restart.

The startup acceleration feature maximizes the performance of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 by launching certain browser processes when the device is turned on. This allows the Chromium browser to exist in a “ready state”.

In the Microsoft Edge 89 browser, the startup acceleration function is automatically enabled without user interaction. Microsoft claims that it can speed up the startup time by 29% to 41%. Unfortunately, after Microsoft automatically enabled “Boost Acceleration”, some users began to report performance issues, including closing the Edge window without exiting the browser, and it would restart again. It will also continue to run in the background – unless you open the Task Manager, you may never notice this.

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Microsoft is investigating Edge performance issues:

Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of these reports, and the company is now pushing a server-side update that will temporarily disable startup acceleration.

“Hello everyone, I want to tell you that we have decided to temporarily disable startup acceleration because it has caused frustrating problems for some users,” Microsoft pointed out in its FAQ page update on March 19.

“Our team is working to fix several issues, some of which customers see the browser reopening immediately after exiting and/or the message about reopening tabs when startup acceleration is enabled,” Microsoft said in a statement. Microsoft is also exploring other “potential solutions.” However, in the meantime, disabling startup acceleration is the best workaround.

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