Qualcomm plans to launch an Android game console similar to the Switch

After years of planning, Qualcomm is about to enter the consumer electronics market, launching a game console similar to Nintendo Switch. According to a source familiar with the company’s strategy, this game device equipped with an Android system has a breakthrough in form factor and then showcases the company’s Snapdragon chipset.

Although the Android Police has seen related photos of non-finished products, they cannot share them for the protection of the tipster. It just says that any user with a Switch will have no difficulty in getting started with this palm. The PSP also uses a removable “Joycon” type handle, it looks like a more heavy and more bulky smartphone.

Qualcomm believes that the extra thermal headroom brought by the thicker design will make its processors run faster and more efficiently than modern ultra-thin smartphones. In addition, Qualcomm has also inserted a 6000mAh capacity super battery, which supports fast charging technology.

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The source also stated that Qualcomm is cooperating with a high-quality supplier in the field of controllers to design and manufacture game controllers, but foreign media could not verify the name of the supplier. Although the source did not provide the specific dimensions of the handle and screen, Mishaal Rahman, a friend of AP and XDA EIC, has reason to believe that the cross-section of the screen is 6.65 inches.

Like the Switch, Qualcomm’s handheld will also support a display output feature, which can be played on an external TV or monitor, but if it is not clear whether this means a dedicated port like Mini HDMI, or USB-C is responsible for both charging and output features. In addition, it will be equipped with an SD card slot for expansion storage.

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