Apple considers releasing a hardened version of Apple Watch as early as 2021

For many years, Apple Watch has relied on a third-party rugged case to provide device protection for wearers in harsh environments, but according to reports, Apple is considering launching a special ruggedized version of the Apple Watch for users in extreme environments. Bloomberg disclosed this news today. If Apple continues its plan, the ruggedized Apple Watch will soon become a choice for consumers in the professional field.

In design, the reinforced version of the Apple Watch will have corner reinforcement protection and a design that provides more impact resistance in the overall structure. While working hard to strengthen the device’s self-protection capabilities, Apple is said to be working hard to improve its swimming tracking feature.

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Bloomberg reported on Friday morning that this is “at least the second time” Apple has gone through this evaluation process, but there is no clear release schedule for specific products.

According to the report, the internal news is that such products “will be released in 2021 or 2022 at the earliest.” Although as with most similar reports about Apple’s future products, Apple’s plans may change and the product may never meet with people.

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