Activision orders a Call of Duty: Warzone SBMM site to close

Activision recently issued a stop and shutdown notice for a Technical Matching (SBMM) site of “Call of Duty: War Zone“. “SBMM Warzone” is a site that allows players to filter information about player data and technical rankings.

In addition, players can also see other players’ wins and head ratios on the site. Activision claimed that the site violated Activision’s API terms of use, copyright, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and GDPR guidelines.

The website stated in a statement: “Activision lawyers contacted us and asked us to close before next Monday. We have tried many times to contact them to become partners to ensure the operation of the site. Now is our last opportunity. Need your support!”

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As shown in the statement, the site is calling on supporters to help them deal with Activision, insisting that players voluntarily share personal data and game tags to obtain information, rather than privacy leaks. The webmaster told the media: “Our appeal is to discuss how we can become partners and what changes we should make to meet the requirements of manufacturers.”

“We are willing to change the name, modify some functions, and pay to use their API, but first we have to get in touch with them.” “Our main goal is to become a partner, and we still think there is a chance to reach an agreement with Activision. We don’t want to confront Activision. We are friendly forces. If we can’t communicate, we can only regret shutting down.”

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