Call of Duty: War Zone cheating software found to contain malware

Activision revealed that a piece of cheating software in Call of Duty: War Zone contained hidden malware designed to control the victim’s computer. This can be described as karma. According to Vice reports, Activision’s security researchers found that a Warzone cheating software advertised on popular cheating forums contained more content than they might have seen on the surface. It secretly installs a dropper on the device, which allows other types of malware to be downloaded to the computer.

One of the goals of the malware campaign is to install a mining machine on the victim’s computer and use the game player’s graphics card to mine cryptocurrency without the victim’s knowledge. Activision pointed out that the programs necessary for the “genuine” cheaters to work also allow most malware tools to be executed, such as bypassing system protection and upgrading permissions. Many cheaters recommend that users disable their anti-virus software to ensure compatibility with the system so that hidden malware can infect PCs without the cheaters being alerted.

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Although this method is fairly simple, it is ultimately a social engineering technique that uses the wishes of the target (players who want to cheat) to voluntarily lower security protections and ignore warnings about running potential malware. “Call of Duty: Warzone” has 75 million players in August 2020. Although this number is much lower now, cheating is still a big problem. Since its launch, Activision has banned 300,000 people worldwide, of which 60,000 have been banned in one day.

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