Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.2 update found new bug

Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.2 update has been released, which fixes a large number of bugs and errors. After updating the 1.2 patches, many players found that CDPR optimized the game performance and fixed many old bugs, but new bugs appeared.

Twitch anchor Vinesauce showed a large number of bugs he encountered after updating the 1.2 patches. When the player calls more than one vehicle at the same time, these vehicles will all spawn at the same point, and then when the player approaches, these vehicles will instantly explode, causing serious chaos.

1.2 messed up my entire save, and now the whole NC is in a sandstorm permanently. Honestly? I’m not even mad from r/cyberpunkgame

There are also players who uploaded a video on the tubing, shooting at the crowd on the road, and all NPCs will start to flee. When he quickly turns around and then back, all these NPCs will disappear instantly, which is amazing. When someone encounters a dynamic weather bug, the city will always be in a sandstorm.

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Someone encountered such a bug, the weapon in his hand disappeared, and then the player shoots at the enemy with his hand, biubiubiu is quite exciting. Someone noticed that the clothes of pedestrians on the road kept flashing, and there were patterns flashing, which looked cool.

In addition, the night city police do not appear behind the player instantly as before. Now they are slacking off, sometimes ignoring the player’s criminal behavior, and even disappear when the player fled the scene. Some people also reported that after the 1.2 version update, the reading time on PS5 has become slower.

But there is also good news, that is, V can now sleep in bed correctly, and will not wear clothes to take a shower. But the Polish dumb donkey still needs to work hard. This fixes a batch of old bugs, and a batch of new bugs, how embarrassing it is. Continue to roll out the updates steadily and restore the word of mouth. Don’t think about multi-line combat.

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