The Call of Duty Mobile Games Masters Tournament opens

According to Tencent’s official news, on April 3, the Call of Duty Mobile Games Masters officially kicked off. Officials said that Redmi will become the official strategic partner of the Call of Duty mobile game (national service), and its flagship K40 series mobile phones will be officially designated for use in China.

After the fierce fighting in the early public events and the level of promotion of the event channel, BDG, Shenzhen DYG, Wuhan eStar, FPXM, KZ, Wolves, LF, NOVA, OG, Chongqing QG, Qingjiu, RNGM A total of 14 outstanding teams from, TOE, and Beijing WB came to the end and successfully met on the stage of the Masters and competed for the final championship.

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The opening ceremony will begin at 16:30 on April 3, and the opening game will begin at 17:00. The first day of the Call of Duty Masters will officially start. Shenzhen DYG, Qingjiu, RNGM, Beijing WB, FPXM, and Chongqing QG will compete in a total of 6 teams.

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