Apple can interact with the device by blowing air

According to the PatentlyApple, a new Apple patent was passed in the United States on April 1, describing a method of interacting with iPhone and Apple Watch by blowing air. The name of this patent is “Using electronic equipment to detect air and then switch the mode.” The patent uses air pressure sensors and motion sensors to detect the user’s blowing behavior and then trigger specific features.

Apple says this feature is convenient for users when carrying items with both hands and not operating properly, blow into the watch or mobile phone to answer the call without putting down the items in your hands.

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Specifically, this patent of Apple first uses a motion sensor to monitor the movement of raising the wrist, and then triggers the air pressure sensor to record accurate blowing information, and then execute the instruction after determining that it is blowing.

Through a new patent, Apple can interact with the device by blowing air. The patent requires the device to have a processor, memory, I/O interface and other components. The air pressure sensor opening of the mobile phone is located at the bottom, and the air pressure sensor of the Apple Watch is located on the side of the smartwatch.

In addition, Apple’s patent also describes the use of sensors to detect more complex wave motions, detect three-dimensional motion information, and combine the pressure changes when waving the device to achieve control features.

The patent does not need to add complex components to the existing mobile phone, and the feasibility is very high. Once applied to the device, it can greatly improve the convenience in certain scenarios and free your hands.

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