Firefox on Android is testing credit card and address auto-fill feature

After switching to Fenix, Mozilla has added most of the basic and privacy features to the Firefox browser for Android and supports some extensions. In the recently updated version of Nightly, Mozilla has brought to it the feature of automatically saving and filling in address and credit card information.

The new version of Firefox Nightly for Android includes:

  • Allows you to view labels in the Grid layout.
  • Like Safari on iOS, it can automatically close tabs after a period of time.
  • It has enhanced tracking protection and can block redirection trackers.
  • Support external download manager and voice search.
  • Automatically fill in the login name and password.

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The desktop version of Firefox has supported credit card auto-filling since version 81, but the Android version has not followed up. Now in the latest version of Nightly, users can enable it by enabling the experimental flag. Unfortunately, this is only a placeholder at present, and it will not take effect after enabling it. The activation steps are as follows:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Firefox Nightly
  • Click the “…” button to enter the settings
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “About Firefox Nightly”
  • Click the Firefox icon three times, a debugging menu will appear
  • Navigate back to the settings and select “Secret Settings”
  • Click Add credit card and enter the details. You do not need to enter CVV here. After that, whenever you encounter a web form that requires a credit card payment, select the option and Firefox will automatically fill in the credit card data.

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