Battlefield 6 will enter the XGP game library on the day of its first release

Unlike Sony and Nintendo’s strategy of investing in exclusive games, Microsoft’s Xbox still strongly supports the game subscription service Xbox Game Pass. With the continuous advancement of this service, more and more well-known games have begun to choose to join the XGP game library on the day of the game’s release date. According to the latest news, “Battlefield 6” released in 2021 is also expected to enter XGP on the release day.

Well-known industry news rumors Shpeshal Ed revealed in a recent podcast, “This fall there is a third-party AAA FPS game that is highly likely to join XGP when it is released.
Although the above dialogue did not mention the name of “Battlefield 6”, and the FPS masterpiece released in the fall also includes Activision’s New Year’s Call of Duty, it is clear that Activision and Sony have had a cooperative relationship for many years.

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The COD series of games are in the early stage of release. Generally, the PS platform will be exclusive to the PS platform for about a week of maps or gameplay and other content. In addition, EA Play has been integrated into XGP, so “Battlefield 6” is more likely.

Although the official announcement of “Battlefield 6” has not been officially announced, EA has previously stated that it will launch new battlefields in 2021. There are also rumors that the new battlefield in 2021 will adopt a near-future background similar to “Battlefield 3” and “Battlefield 4”. It is estimated that the news about “Battlefield 6” will be officially released from May to June this year.

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