Samsung Semiconductor releases a new gen of automotive light source PixCell LED modules

Samsung Semiconductor has now launched a new generation of automotive light source PixCell LED modules, this product will be used in automotive smart headlights. According to reports, smart headlights are an intelligent anti-glare high beam system (ADB, Adaptive Driving Beam) that is used to maintain the lighting status of the front lights on a daily basis, and automatically control when it senses an oncoming vehicle ahead. The technology of headlighting.

Samsung Semiconductor said that the newly developed PixCell LED is an ultra-small LED solution for automotive smart headlights. It can achieve lighting control through a smaller light-emitting area and contrast. In addition, Samsung’s products reduce the light-emitting area to 1/16 of that of ordinary smart headlights, making the entire light smaller, helping to improve vehicle fuel efficiency, and increasing the design flexibility of vehicle lights.

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Samsung Semiconductor has already cooperated with Chinese auto companies on smart headlights, and soon domestic consumers will be able to see cars equipped with PixCell LED smart headlights.


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