Future devices of Apple may have invisible buttons and sliders

Apple has gone a long way to make its devices seamless and attractive, but it wants to go a step further and create controls that you can’t see before you need them. The disappearing button or slider is a newly disclosed Apple patent application, which shows that Apple wants to make the control device invisible like a light.

Apple stated in its patent application that in the world of consumer devices, especially in the field of consumer electronics, there is always a demand for improved appearance, improved features and improved aesthetics. Industrial design has become a highly technical professional, focusing on meeting this need to enhance the appearance, function and aesthetics of consumer products.

Apple said that one area of ​​concern for improvements in consumer electronics is user input and interface. A challenge for these known input devices is that they may affect the beauty of the device by interrupting the continuity of the device casing. iPhone has A flat touch-sensitive screen that presents an eye-catching seamless design, while a traditional mobile phone presents a series of messy keys and buttons.

Join Our Apple Channel On TelegramIn addition to having the obvious aesthetic advantages of a seamless design, a seamless design may also have improved functionality and/or durability. Apple proposes that some input devices can use deflection-based capacitive sensing to work.

The deflection of the metal frame of the input device will cause the capacitance to change, and the capacitance is used to control the function of the electrical device. The input device looks invisible because it is made of the same material as the housing it contains.

When an object is placed on the frame in the invisible hole area and pressure is applied, the frame will deform, and this deformation will cause the capacitance between the capacitor reference and the capacitor plate to change.

The capacitive sensor detects this change and converts it into an electrical signal. Once you can create an electrical signal, the hardware and software of the device can use it to perform any desired action. The details in the patent show a method for determining when the invisible control key is pressed. Apple can add invisible controls to anything, as long as the user knows where they are.


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