Xiaomi Mi TV EA 2022 model debut with starting at $153

Xiaomi today launched the new Mi TV EA 2022, with 7 sizes of 32, 40, 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75 inches. The initial price starts at $153 and the highest is $765. April The pre-sale will start at 10 am on the 18th, and the official sale will start at 10 am on April 25th.

According to the official, Xiaomi TV EA 2022 model, in addition to unifying the previous generation A/C/X three-line, is also to be a “goalkeeper” in the popular model. In addition, Xiaomi TV will gradually consolidate its product lines in the future, focusing its efforts on the four product lines of Master, Digital, ES, and EA.

According to reports, Xiaomi Mi TV EA 2022 has a comprehensive upgrade of appearance, interaction, and picture quality, and it can be called a new generation of intelligent popularization pioneers. The TV series adopts a metal full screen and is equipped with a Unibody metal body. All series are equipped with a Bluetooth remote control as standard, and support voice control by Xiao Ai.

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In addition, on the Mi TV EA 2022, it will be adjusted one by one before leaving the factory to make the color accuracy reach the display level. The current price of Xiaomi full-screen TV EA is 799 yuan in the official Xiaomi store.

However, Xiaomi officially announced that due to the recent continuous sharp fluctuations in the prices of various TV core components including display panels and chips, and the price will continue to rise for some time in the future, due to the sharp fluctuations in raw material costs, some products of Xiaomi and Redmi TV Models will increase in price.

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