Google Chrome’s built-in media player ushered in the playback speed control feature

When it comes to streaming media content on the desktop, most of us tend to use YouTube to watch or use a stand-alone player application, but in some cases, you have to rely on Chromium’s HTML-based built-in media player. It is used in Google Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based browsers.

According to the new code submission, it looks like Google is adding new playback speed controls to Chromium. This change will benefit all Chromium browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chome. Google’s new feature will allow anyone to change the playback speed to achieve slow and fast viewing.

Like YouTube, Chrome or Edge will allow people to reduce the native playback speed to 0.25 times all the way to an acceleration of 2 times. It is worth noting that these playback speed options can also be used for downloaded videos.

The other available controls seem to be basically the same, including play and pause buttons, and picture-in-picture. The interface of the player remains unchanged. Last year, Google Chrome and Microsoft browsers updated new media playback controls.

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As you may know, this feature allows you to control media content directly from the toolbar. It comes with a simple return control, with options to pause/continue playing the video and close the player. This feature was later updated to support album art and live subtitles of songs.

In Chrome 91, Google is trying to adopt a new modern look for media playback controls. As you can see in the screenshot above, Google has changed the player interface and enabled a new dynamic background to better support album art (if any).

Similarly, Google also changed the position of the control. For example, the new progress bar is below the playback control, and the playback control is at the top. Other options are album art, song name, and player URL.

The new media playback controls are currently only available in Chrome Canary. This feature is likely to also appear on Microsoft Edge (Canary). If you can’t wait, you can enable it with a command-line flag, just add the above command in the target field of the shortcut:


In addition to these improvements, Microsoft and Google are also developing new progressive web application (PWA) features for Chrome and Edge.

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