Mi MIX Fold is targeting to ship 0.5 Million units this year

According to Luotu Technology Research Institute, Kolon Industries recently announced that the colorless and transparent polyimide film (CPI) produced by the company has been used by Xiaomi MIX Fold. As Xiaomi joins the ranks of folding screen mobile phones, foldable mobile phones will grow rapidly, and the market demand for CPI films will also increase.

According to sources, Xiaomi’s goal is to sell 500,000 folding phones in 2021. Previously, Xiaomi mobile phone said that the MIX FOLD folding screen mobile phone advertisement has landed in major domestic airports.

According to the “Quarterly Report on Brand Shipment Analysis of the Global Smartphone Market” released by Luotu Technology, in the first quarter of 2021, Xiaomi set the best record in a single season with 49 million units sold, and it became the quarter with a growth rate of over 60% The fastest growing brand in the world.

In the Chinese market, Xiaomi also gained a 16% market share with a growth rate of over 70%. Luotu Technology conservatively judges that global shipments of folding mobile phones will double to 4.5 million units in 2021.

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The CPI film on Mi MIX FOLD was developed by Cologne. According to Cologne Industrial Data, its CPI film currently has a market share of 90% in China’s smartphones and notebook computers and other folding display materials.

Taking into account the high proportion of the Chinese market in the world, Cologne’s goal is to achieve an average annual growth rate of 60% in the global folding screen display market. Colorless and transparent polyimide film (CPI) and ultra-thin film strengthened glass (UTG) are currently the two major material technologies for folding the surface cover of the display screen.

Cologne Industries mass-produced CPI film for the first time in 2019. At first, foldable mobile phones were the target of the application, but then Samsung Electronics changed its direction and switched to UTG glass.

Cologne, having lost its folding mobile phone, began to shift its business to the field of medium and large-size products such as Rollable and notebook computers, and even home appliances. Prior to this, Cologne had already supplied CPI film to the first foldable notebook computer released by the personal computer manufacturer Lenovo, with a model of 13.3″ Think Pad X1 Fold.

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