Developers found traces of Google’s self-developed chips in the Android open source code

With the departure of several manufacturers such as Nvidia, Intel, and Texas Instruments, the mobile phone chip market has taken shape, including Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, the unique Apple A series and Huawei Kirin. While chip technology barriers are getting higher and higher, there are still some ambitious manufacturers who want to climb the technological high ground. There are rumors that Google will develop its own chips, which will be used in its own Pixel models.

On May 6, according to 9to5Google reports, developers found traces of Google’s self-developed chips in the Android open-source code. The developer found two keywords Whitechapel and P21 in the Android source code. Among them, Whitechapel is the codename of Google’s self-developed chip, and P21 may be Pixel 2021, which means the model that Google will release this year.

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According to Pixel’s naming rules, the model that Google will release this year is Pixel 6, so P21 may be Pixel 6. It seems that the Whitechapel chip will be used on Pixel 6. Earlier, Google employees hinted that Google’s new generation of Pixel phones will use Whitechapel chips, but the specific details of the Whitechapel chips are temporarily unknown.

On the other hand, in the Google conference call in 2020, Google CEO Pichai also mentioned that there will be some more in-depth investments in the hardware direction. The industry speculates that this is a signal that its self-developed chip Whitechapel will release, and it is worth looking forward to.

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