Windows 10 ARM notebook adds support for Universal Printing

Last year, Microsoft announced Universal Print, a cloud-based printing infrastructure that will provide users with a simple, rich and secure printing experience, and help reduce The time and energy of the IT department. Microsoft today announced that Universal Printing now supports Windows 10 ARM devices, including Surface Pro X.

As a modern, cloud-based printing solution, Universal Print eliminates the need for an enterprise’s internal print server and enables terminals to print to Azure AD registered printers. Universal printing is a perfect match for cloud-first devices such as Surface Pro X and helps companies remove barriers to migration to the cloud.

Universal Printing provides the following functions for end-users:

  • Eliminates the need to install a printer driver because it is built into the Windows experience.
  • Help you find printers near and outside of your current location.
  • When connected to the Internet and authenticated to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), printing can be achieved from a zero-trust network through single sign-on (SSO).

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Universal Printing provides the following:

  • A printing solution to remove barriers to migration to the cloud and support printing for Azure AD users.
  • Manage printing in a zero-trust network.
  • Eliminates the need to manage print servers or complex hybrid printing solutions.
  • A centralized portal realizes powerful management capabilities.
  • Use the report to understand your printing situation and provide insights.
  • According to Microsoft’s data management guidelines, the storage method of print data is the same as other Microsoft Office data.
  • Use Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Microsoft Intune) for printer deployment and default printer configuration on end-user devices.

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