Android 12 adds a clipboard access reminder, which will be launched in Beta 2

According to the latest report, in recent years, Google has been cracking down on clipboard access in the Android system and prohibiting background applications from reading clipboard data when Android 10 is released. In the latest Android 12, Google introduced a setting that every time an app accesses the user’s clipboard, a window will pop up, even if the app is in the foreground.

In April of this year, some sources reported that Google plans to introduce a new notification that will notify users when the app accesses the clipboard. When this feature is enabled, “Show clipboard access permissions” will “display a message when the app accesses the text, image, or other content you copied.”

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Google confirmed this feature in today’s “Android New Features” speech and said that it can be tried in Android 12 Beta 2. In most cases, this feature does not seem to be very useful, because clipboard access has been restricted to foreground apps, but it will come in handy when investigating app behavior. The effect may be similar to Android 10’s background location access notification function, which highlights how often Instagram and other apps secretly obtain location data.

Clipboard access notification is also one of the new privacy features of ‌iOS 14‌. In iOS 14, Apple introduced a small banner on the top of the iPhone and iPad. When the app accesses the contents of the clipboard, iOS 14 will notify the user. This feature reveals how often Twitter, Zilow and other apps quietly access the clipboard. It is not clear whether Google will enable reminders in Android 12 by default like Apple did in iOS 14.

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