Google introduces new features for foldable, large screen and tablet devices

Google once did not pay much attention to the fragmentation of Android, but the development direction of the ecosystem is still doomed to mobile operating system developers must have a top-down unified leadership.

Although Android’s performance on tablets has been poor, the foldable devices that have emerged in recent years have once again attracted Google’s interest. For example, in the development of the first-generation Galaxy Fold folding screen smartphone, Google has reached in-depth cooperation with Samsung.

The latest news is that Google is working hard to expand the functionality of Android to better adapt to mobile devices with flexible screen designs. The previous Android 3.0 Honeycomb should be the first Android version to cater to large-screen devices, but unfortunately, it eventually left the scene.

Since then, Android has integrated features and components designed for tablets (or even PCs). But for the adaptation of foldable devices, new changes are being strongly promoted. In fact, many opinions raised by Google existed before the advent of folding screen smartphones.

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For example, applications should learn to make full use of larger screens through elements such as SlidingPaneLayout, and use the mouse and keyboard to control applications. At the same time, Google will also update the UI components of Android so that no matter how the screen size changes, the size of the window can be adjusted gracefully.

In addition, foldable devices have opened up some new user experiences, such as placing two instances of the same app side by side and allowing content to be dragged and dropped between them. For folding screen devices with hinges, the Android system will also consider it to avoid displaying content in parts that are not visible.

In summary, we are still very happy to see that Google is still actively improving the Android system support even when there are not many folding screen devices on the market. We believe that in the near future, more device manufacturers will be willing to invest in the camp of Android folding screen devices.


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